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SSE 200 kWe CCHP

SSE’s customer service centre, IT and telecoms businesses, energy sales, metering and administration under one roof in the former Autoliv factory on the shore of Langstone Harbour.

The scheme comprises a 200kWe fuel cell power module operating on natural gas The fuel cell provide two thermal energy streams which are being utilised to provide high grade heat to drive a 90kW absorption chiller and low grade to pre-heat hot water feeding the main building air handling units.

The balance of plant comprises an adiabatic V form chiller, various circulating pumps and heat exchangers required to complete the integration of the system.

The fuel cell system will operate regardless of the status of the interconnected mechanical plant, so a pump fails or the absorption chiller develops a fault the fuel cell system will continue to operate rejecting any unused heat to it own heat rejection module.


SSE Penner Road case study

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