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What applications can I use fuel cells for?

Logan Energy can provide fuel cell installations for both small scale (less than 30kWe) UPS system and small (5kWe) to large scale (50MWe) prime power installations as an integrated energy centre.

What sizes of fuel cells do Logan have available?

We have a wide range from 1kWe to 50MWe ,Logan Energy do not manufacture fuel cells but have a close relationship with the manufacturers and an extensive understanding of installations built up over the last 15 years .This allows us to remain independent of product and manufacturer and select the most appropriate solution for our clients.

What are the prices compared to traditional internal combustion engines?

Fuel cells will have a higher capital cost initially but generally have a life expectancy of 20 years and will provide a greater saving over the longer term when compared to a traditional internal combustion engine and will have a greater account the carbon reduction savings.

Are there different types of fuel cells?

Yes, the fuel cell sector has a wide range of different technologies, each have their place in different applications. Logan Energy has the knowledge and experience to design and install systems utilising the appropriate technology to obtain the most efficient, cost effective solutions.

What fuels do they run on?

Many fuels with a viable hydrogen source. For example, natural gas, digester gas, waste streams from manufacturing, methanol, LPG. It is also often possible to blend fuels if the need arises.

You can start using natural gas because the infrastructure is in place; most premises have a gas connection. It is also possible to utilise other energy streams as and when they become commercially available.

What are the carbon savings?

On natural gas as a fuel we are achieving 40% savings when compared with the conventional grid electricity and gas boilers. Using renewable fuels this obviously becomes 100%

How do efficiencies of fuel cells compare to internal combustion engines?

Due to fuel cells using a chemical reaction rather than a combustion process, fuel cells deliver the highest efficiency of any form of distributed generation. For example

Natural gas engines 30-42%

Direct fuel cell /turbine 58-65%

Are there fuel cells I working in the UK?

Yes, we have a number of installations across the UK, we are happy to set up a visit to an installation. The fuel cell in the TfL Palestra building in London is housed in a display pod at the entrance and is available for public viewing and been operating since February 2009.

Are fuel cells reliable?

Without moving parts in the stack they are more reliable than internal combustion engines as there is less to go wrong, the planned preventive maintenance regime is generally minor at quarterly intervals with an annual overhaul. Many of our clients choose fuel cells because of the reliability and security of supply providing essential power in the event of grid failure.

How do I evaluate if a fuel cell is right for my building?

The Logan Energy team can carry out an evaluation of your requirements and present our proposals we will only propose fuel cells if they are appropriate for your needs.


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