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Doosan resurrects bankrupt fuel cell plant

Doosan Fuel Cell, which established in July 2014 after buying the assets of US-based ClearEdge Power after the latter’s close run with bankruptcy, has turned the fortunes of the ailing Connecticut company unit around, taking it from a state of closure to one of nearly full production within just twelve months. Full Story

ULEMCo Hits Key Milestone with Hydrogen Fuelled Vans

ULEMCo, the ultra-low emissions vehicle company championing the conversion of diesel vehicles for hydrogen fuelling, has reached an important milestone for use of hydrogen fuel in its fleet of test vehicles.

Sixteen standard Ford Transits – adapted to run on dual hydrogen / diesel – have clocked up over 20,000 miles (over 32,000 km) using hydrogen fuel. The vehicles achieved ultra-low emissions of 59g of CO2 per kilometre, compared with 234g/km for the standard vehicles, equivalent to a saving of almost six tonnes of CO2 emissions for the UK to date. The figures are based on witnessed emission tests. Details

23 Scottish innovative energy projects share £500K of LECF feasibility funding

Innovative urban projects are among 23 selected to receive feasibility study support, with communities from inner city Glasgow to western Harris set to benefit from £500,000 in funding from the second round of the Scottish Government’s Local Energy Challenge Fund. The demonstrator projects are designed to encourage the use and local ownership of renewable energy. The selected projects include several with innovative use of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies to help tackle the challenges of grid constraints, fuel poverty, and delivering low carbon heat and transport solutions.  Full Report

2015 Fuel Cell Annual Review released by 4th Energy Wave

The second 4th Energy Wave Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Annual Review has just been released. The Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Annual Review, 2015 is designed to measure and report growth and long term industry trends. It collects and collates data direct from the industry and creates a unique database of information. New this year are sections on platinum usage, jobs and fuel cell costs.

Full Report

Germany’s Autobahn Gets Its 1st Hydrogen Fuel Station

The new H2 filling pump is a project of the Clean Energy Partnership formed by German multinational automaker Daimler, gases and engineering company Linde, and the French multinational integrated oil and gas company TOTAL. Full Story

Hydrogen project fuels Fife Energy Park growth

A £4 million funding package could bring a warm glow to the future of Levenmouth.

The Scottish Government funding will go to a pioneering industry development aimed at shaping the future prosperity of communities through a number of green hydrogen projects. Full Story

Air pollution costs European economies US$ 1.6 trillion a year in diseases and deaths

Curbing the health effects of air pollution pays dividends. The evidence we have provides decision-makers across the whole of government with a compelling reason to act. If different sectors come together on this, we not only save more lives but also achieve results that are worth astounding amounts of money,” says Dr Zsuzsanna Jakab, WHO Regional Director for Europe.Full Story

UK Supreme Court rules for immediate action to cut Nitrogen Dioxide air pollution levels

29th April 2015. The UK’s highest court has ruled that the UK government must take immediate action to cut air pollution, and specifically nitrogen dioxide (NO2) which is linked to a range of respiratory illnesses and other health issues. NO2 pollution is produced from combustion and in particular from diesel vehicles. Full Story

Logan Energy at All Energy 2015

All-Energy 2015 is one of the largest conferences held in the Glasgow this year and attracts around 7,000 delegates from all over the world. The two-day event at the SECC featured conference sessions and trade exhibitions covering areas ranging from offshore wind power to developing sustainable cities. Logan Energy’s CEO Bill Ireland was invited to speak, presenting on the topic Sustainable Cities and how Hydrogen and Fuel cells can play a part in the transition.

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Doosan turns on six S. Korean fuel cells

South Windsor clean energy manufacturer Doosan Fuel Cell on Tuesday announced six of its fuel cells have been turned on at the Korean South East Power Co. facility in a suburb of the country’s capital city of Seoul. Full Story

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